Max in Motion

MSC United is proud to once again to be selected as a recipient with the Max in Motion Foundation. The Foundation provides financial support directly to youth sports organizations throughout the state of Arizona to help underwrite inclusion in sports programs of financially challenged boys and girls who would not otherwise be able to participate.  The Foundation embraces the philosophy that youth sports contribute dramatically to character development and personal fitness, and that team participation helps establish values of community, interdependency and collective responsibility.  To learn more about MaxInMotion®, please visit

To apply for a Max In Motion Scholarship

(Due July 1st at 5:00pm)

Using the same format as last year, families must submit their application online.
Player Applications:
  1. Beginning June 8, 2016, complete your application online using the following link: (Every family has an active gotsoccer account through their registration with MSC United, if you need your log in and password please email us at
  2. Submit your required documents (w2’s, Federal Tax Returns along with all related schedules) directly to MSC United at no later than Friday July 1st.
**Please note, State Tax forms are not required this year. However, we will not accept State Tax Returns in place of Federal Tax Returns.

Once completed, submit your required documents to your club.  Each participating Club will then be responsible for submitting all documents to AYSA.  In order to process your application, MSC United must have all documents by Friday July 1st at 5:00pm. There are no exceptions, if you are wanting scholarship funds, we ask that you do the work and meet the deadlines to make that happen.

Very Important:
Clubs have been instructed to only submit completed applications.  This includes W-2 forms and Federal tax return/all related schedules. If you are self-employed, Federal tax returns with all related schedules will be required and likewise, submitted to your club.  Please do not submit incomplete applications as they will be declined.